Unexpected Pucci: the artistic dimension of the brand by Laudomia Pucci

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Yesterday, November 28th, at the building of the brand of Emilio Pucci in Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of the Roman fashion district, an event was held that was just a bit comparable. A glamorous, dreamy and colorful atmosphere transported you inside the store, but to immerse you further in the world Pucci thought of an unusual protagonist, a book. But not just any book but a volume that tells the universe of the brand at 360 °. A volume that explores the archives of the maiosn beyond fashion, also focusing on the world of design, art and furnishing. Set up as a creative labyrinth, the store displayed not only iconic brand accessories such as scarves, bags and garments from the collection, but also some pieces of furniture, for a full immersion in the Pucci fashion house as a spin of the book.

I want to tell the versatility and the whole universe of our brand, describing, by means of words and images, the lifestyle world linked to Pucci that they do not fully know” explained Laudomia Pucci, daughter of the unforgettable designer Emilio Pucci, present at the evening .
In addition to Laudomia Pucci, many guests were present including the press office manager of the brand, Simone Bugliesi (pleasantly met in September in Milan during the fashion week for the presentation of the brand’s collection) and our publisher Maria Vittoria Cusumano.

The evening came to an end but the surprises for the guests did not. With great surprise the volume Unexpected Pucci was autographed and given by Laudomia Pucci as to want to offer us some secrets of the maison and to make us understand through a small but great gesture all that the maison is and what it has achieved in these years. A perfect gift to end an unforgettable evening signed Emilio Pucci.

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