Estée Lauder “Happy Vintage”

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A special moment for happy holidays that will take you back in time” an intriguing phrase about the invitation from the Estée Lauder cosmetic brand. And so it is. Wednesday, November 27th at the Savini restaurant in Milan, for a few hours, the guests retraced the brand’s true past. And to everyone’s surprise, the real protagonists were not cosmetic products, but perfumes. The brand with a spectacular setting, has exposed its historical aromas on the large tables of the restaurant retracing a period of time that went from the fifties to the present day.
Let’s start from 1953 with Youth Dew, an intense, sensual and enveloping fragrance for a delicate but at the same time feminine woman. In 1968 Estée was created which draws its inspiration from the reflection of a candle inside a glass of Champagne with a powerful, sophisticated and safe fragrance. In 1972 with Aliage, we think of a fragrance for a sporty woman and lover of the outdoors but with the 1978 Cinnabar perfume we pass to a passionate woman without shyness. In 1985 we finally find Beautiful, a perfume with touches of citrusy accords that give romance to a woman who does not want to be forgotten and in 2014 we have Modern Muse that defines the contemporary woman as extremely confident.
(below the gallery of perfumes listed)

To guide us in this olfactory journey was the perfumer and education leader fragrance Simone Lo Bue. The organizer of this wonderful event was the well-known PR Manager of Estée Lauder, Denise Fraccaro, with a great experience in the sector. Participants also included the make-up artist of the brand, Luigi Tomio, who advised his female admirers and followers on the importance of using makeup products to achieve a perfect result without effort.
Our publisher Maria Vittoria Cusumano also attended the event.

A wonderful afternoon spent in a Christmas atmosphere that framed the event, while the eyes escaped in search of the perfect gift to put under the tree.

la nuova scarpa dedica a garyvee
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