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It is now one of the most awaited evenings.
Not only Rome, but also Milan, Naples and Palermo. It is now tradition, it is now an expectation.
And the Post Office always keeps them high.
This Thursday 7 November will conquer the Lanificio .
An evening of live music, fun, good drinks to break up the work week.
But the same rule always applies … to bed early! In fact, as usual, at 1 a.m. Post Office closes everything, turns off the lights and stops the music. All to bed. On the other hand, we work on Friday.
Post Office also proposes its famous format to the Lanificio.

From 8.00 pm to 10.30 pm the inevitable aperitif for socializing, warming up and relaxing.
From 10.30pm to 1.00am piano bar and DJ sets for the wildest dancers and singers.
A good way to spend an evening without having to wait for the weekend, an alternative to the more banal dinner out, an adrenaline rush without feeling guilty for having spent the small hours.
On Friday mornings all loaded to go to work.

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