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By now we have left 2019 behind us and we have finally entered 2020! Some have already thrown down a list with good intentions for this new year and maybe among them there is also the desire to change and be a different person. So why not start right out of the wardrobe? And what better occasion than sales ?!

The beginning of the discounts is the day we look forward to with more anxiety in January, (perhaps more than the epiphany?) And this year comes just before the Epiphany, which is January 5th! Many are waiting for the sales to do some real business and most of the time it’s like that, especially if you have patience and wait until early February to buy!

Here are the key pieces to buy at half price to keep up with the trends this winter too!


This super versatile and enveloping coat is definitely the product to focus on! With shades of beige and cream, but also green, blue, pink! This year we can play around with colors and buy the hottest item of the year.


Amphibians are the strong piece of the wardrobe that makes every look more rock. Lovers of Dr. Martens, come forward and stock up on your favorite shoes for the new year!


The wide-brimmed hat is the most chic accessory of all time and this winter there were so many models on offer: western style, waterproof (perfect for rain), patent leather, monochrome and patterned, in short, there is something for all tastes and they are good for all ages!


Cashmere is a very precious fabric and therefore of high cost and value. Not everyone can therefore afford it at full price and the sales are the right opportunity to grab the best cashmere sweater, scarf or coat! If you are a person who suffers from the cold, this fabric will solve your problems.


To be honest this is an evergreen. If you love quality accessories this is the right time to do great business. The bags, for example, are an ideal investment for the whole year, but also cardholders, belts and wallets. If, on the other hand, you purchase garments exclusively for the winter, gloves are the accessory to bet on!

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