The Guide For A Perfect Hair Routine

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If you never considered having a hair routine, then what have you done with your life so far? Having great shiny, strong hair since you were born is extremely rare, and you should thank your lucky stars, for the rest of us human, we didn’t born with that gift, but we can achieve it with just a couple of products. Here is the best hair routine of the moment:

  1. Step one: take Biotin for your hair.

It’s a must. It makes your hair so much stronger and healthy by taking the right vitamins. A great one is Biotin, but always make sure that there is the right amount of it inside the capsule. The recommended daily amount is 30 micrograms Although, before taking it, always make sure to ask your doctor. A great brand that does magic to my hair is Halo Beauty


    1. Step two: Do Mask For Your Hair.

    Before washing your hair make sure to always do a mask. Once a week, use the mask called “Olaplex n° 3”. If possible the day before washing your hair, rinse them a little bit, then add the mask on your hair and cover it with a shower cap and then go to sleep; otherwise, Do it for at least 15 minutes before washing your hair. The other times of the week that you’ll wash your hair, use an organic mask; the best one is Coconut Oil. Just put it on dry hair the night before washing them or 15 minutes prior.



    1. Step three: Use the “right” Shampoo and Conditioner.

    When you choose your perfect shampoo and conditioner always get them of the same brand. Because they all have a different formula inside each product company, it can create confusion to your hair, and they can get greasy or creates knots. A current best sellers shampoo and conditioner brand is Ouai.

    1. Step four: Dry them right.

    If possible, airdry your hair would be the best because you don’t want to put too much warm temperature to your hair. If that’s not the case, then always make sure to use these steps to do that:

    A.first, when your hair is wet, always use a paddle hairbrush.

    B. Then, put oil or a leave-in conditioner through your hair.

    C. Before using a blow dryer, make sure to spray a heat defence sprayon the hair to protect them from the heat.

    D. Make sure to use a good blow dryer and not to put it too close from your hair, the medium heat level would be the best.

    1. Step five: The Styling

    After blow-drying your hair, always make sure to put oil to your hair. This will create shine and softness to it. This BEST hair oil in the business is the Gisou honey hair oil. It would be preferred if you don’t use any hairstyler but, if you can’t help yourself, make sure to always add the “heat defence spray” before using it and to get a good hairstyler that won’t destroy your hair.

    1. Step Six: Do Not Wash Them Every Day:

    Last of all, make sure not to wash your hair every day. It’s EXTREMELY bad for your hair. The best would be to wash them every three days. A great way to get away by not washing your hair every single day is using a “Dry shampoo”. Just spray it on through your roots and then rub it. A great dry shampoo is from AMIKA.

    Catie Cusumano

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