2019 Spring/Summer hair trends: Dive deep into pink!

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Last summer, it was everywhere and once again this year we are starting to see it shine through the blonde hair of many bold and glamorous ladies. What am I talking about? The refined rose gold shade!
The colour pink has been with us even since we were born, it is a symbol of the feminine universe and it never goes out of style, not even when it comes to hair. A delicate rose touch on light hair is becoming trendy again, granting a charming and romantic look. The shades range among pink caramel, rose blonde, blush rose and strawberry blonde, but they all share this common feature: pink.

Blush hair draws inspiration from make-up and, in particular, from that light veil of pinky blush that can give your cheeks a fresh and soft appearance.
Perfect for any length and style, the effect will definitely be better on very light hair, but it can be adapted even for not too dark brown hair.
Because of its soft and blurry effect, similar to the effect of make-up on skin, blush hair has no age limits and is perfect both for teenagers and more mature women.
A fundamental aspect to consider is your skin tone: the rose blonde look is mostly indicated for very light skin hues, the result will be extremely romantic, sweet and elegant!

Therefore say goodbye to vivid and intense hair dyes and welcome pastel colours, mostly pastel pink.
If you are a real pink lady and desire a glamorous and modern look, let this trend tempt you: I can assure you won’t go unnoticed!

Instead, if you’re still looking for some inspiration and want to get a clearer idea of what you want, check out Instagram hashtags such as #blushhair and #blushblonde. The trend will surely conquer you after just one look.
Let the vie en rose begin!

Elena Tamborini

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