The reason why Tokyo is the master of street style

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We all know that now the streetstyle is IN. Every time a popular fashion event comes around, it seems that everyone always is more intrigue on paying more attention to see what the audience decided to wear than the actual fashion show in itself. Thanks to Amazon that brought fashion week in Tokyo, Everyone got to experience it first hand what the word “Streetstyle” is really about. Tokyo, for anyone that doesn’t know, is becoming each day the next fashion capital thanks to all their innovative ways to perceive a sense of fashion street style.

If you think that you are going to see all minimalistic, or classic glamour looks like the previous four fashion week on the western side of the globe, then you are about to be mistaken. Tokyo’s streets are all about the clashing of colors, extreme bold patterns and shapes. Here is the reason why Tokyo’s fashion is literally the coolest one right now.

This young girl was able to mix and match different shades of pink by layering completely different styles together.

As we can see, the 2000s bucket hat trend is happening also there but who would have thought that “the sailor hat” was a trend there too??

These talented girls were able to integrate into their style traditional looks like the Kimonos with a touch of modernity like the edgy corset and Dr. Martens boots.

This couple was able to layer different intricate patterns and textures creating an overall and an exciting shape.

In Tokyo, a popular style we often see is the mix of Gothic and Punk style. These friends did an incredible job at interpreting these looks.

For anyone who didn’t know, in Tokyo, the fashion trendsetters are 50% women and 50% men. It’s very common for a man to have fun with their style and colors. Here we see a group of friends creating a
futuristic streetstyle wear.

Catie Cusumano


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