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Color is the key word for summer makeup. Bright colors, not shaded. Eyeshadows and eyeliner applied with decision, brushstrokes rich in pigments.
Pop art will serve us as insipration.
Color blocks outlined and accurate. Orange, blue, pink the color you choose will not matter, the important thing will be to apply it decisively. Have fun and let your immagination run wild, use your eyesas canvases.

If you love eyeshadows, choose the most compact ones in order to obtain a very covering effect. In this case you can abound with mascara to make the look more magnetic.
If you prefer eyeliner or kajal the tract will have to be well delineated and lengthened, apply it also in the lower line of the eye for a deeper effect. You can also combine two different colors to emphasize your look even more.

If you can’t give up your lipstick and don’t settle for nude or natural colors, focus on red. Depending on the color you have chosen for your favorite warmer or colder colors.
To give you an example. If the eyeshadows is blue than the lipstick will be a cold red. If instead we bet on the purple then the shade of red will be warmer.
Be careful not to overdo it with too large and showy earrings and necklaces otherwise the carnival effect is just around the corner.
For a truly chic look, you can match the color of the makeup with an accessory such as a bag or shoes. Thus the effect will be belanced and elegant.


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