The 2019 spring/summer It-Bag? Side-packs by Chanel!

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New side-packs by Chanel has officially gained the title of IT BAG of the season. It only took one look to realize that the bag which has been presented by the French brand during its 2019 spring/summer 2019 show would have very soon become a fashion icon. Fascinating, sophisticated, original, outrageous: the elegance of the notorious “c’s” is doubled this time: two classical and wonderful lateral Chanel bags, finely tied together with a leather strap, each embellished by the historic logo of the double “c” and each endowed with the iconic chains that have always distinguished the brand.

The model was presented in different shapes, both in traditional lamb leather and in a more fresh denim version, in black, white, dust pink, yellow and red. Side-packs is meant to become the new must-have for any celebrity. This new trend is about to change the world of accessories, introducing an innovative and revolutionary way to wear a bag.

This trend is already very popular on social networks, mostly thanks to Instagram posts featuring the iconic bag worn in all of its different colours. Anyway, we suggest you visit the Chanel web site in order to understand how to pull off your new IT BAG without making any mistake.

Well, we can certainly say that after the hula hoop bag, launched a few years ago, Chanel’s creativity keeps surprising us with a contemporary, chic and ultra-fashion model.
If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it: what are you waiting for? Remember: two is better than one!

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