Chanel SS Couture 2022


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Chanel for the SS couture show 2022 is inspired by the universal exhibition of 1920 and abstract art.

For the set design, Virgine Viard turns to artist Xavier Veillhan, whom she had previously met through their friend and musician Tellier.

The designer at the head of the famous Parisian Maison, “Virgine Viard,” says that she has always wanted to collaborate with him. She needs someone who could set the settings the same way her master and predecessor Karl Lagerfeld did.

Karl loved abstract art and was very fascinated by the works of Rodchenko and  Malevich. The show is, in fact, a tribute to constructivist femininity.

Veillhan, who represented France during the 2017 Venice Biennale, created huge rotating discs and a sand catwalk with matte sustainable plywood for Chanel’s Couture show. The whole was perfectly matched to the black and beige white palette typical of the brand and at the same time suggests that minimal touch.

There has always been strong conjunction with the history and the sense of constant renewal, traditional classicism, and the elegance of practicality within the brand.


We can, therefore, note Maison’s ideology, which, as suggested by the same Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, sees refined pieces adapt with extreme elegance to any situation. This occasion was majestically emphasized by the artistic director, who showed how a  suit can also be worn to play golf or ride a horse. Viard has decided to build a miniature golf architecture and open the show with the brand ambassador Charlotte  Casiraghi, Princess of Monaco. She wears a dress with a  tweed jacket and rides a beautiful Baio, a symbol combined with the concept of strength and triumph.

The new tweed for summer 2022 consists of a soft skirt, which does not wrap much. You can glimpse draped satin evening dresses to discover the back, which seems to hang on beautiful necklaces, veiled chiffon and organza dresses, with irregular cut (shorter in front and long behind) with jagged lace and feathers, represented in the world of Francis Scott Fitzgerald and that refer to that passion for the exotic,  typical of the first part of the twentieth century.

Once again, the collection is a tribute to the work of the artisans in the atelier, who manage to create precious pieces such as buttons, embroidery, feathers, and flowers. The black of the organza skirt  was hand-painted with notes of warm rose and camellia purple,

the symbol of the Maison.

Even the ostrich feathers on the dresses were individually attached with extreme precision and satin with crystal beads. At the same time, the balloon skirts were created by assembling materials of different thicknesses, which go to suggest a Cubist effect.

Even the make-up is inspired by the avant-garde era of the pre-war period. You can see dark circles around the eyes of some models as if to emphasize they are symmetrically and evoke that “Kandinskijana” geometricity.

Also, this time the Parisian Maison has decided to amaze us by highlighting all its concepts within the exhibition, leaving us a romantic vision and timeless elegance.

Recently Chanel has been at the center of an intense controversy, which has also taken place on Tik Tok, whose protagonist has been the Beauty Calendar of the Maison



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