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adidas, on which there are rumors of an imminent collaboration with Gucci and  Sean Wotherspoon push for new unions. For 2022, a partnership between Adidas Superturf Adventure and Hot Wheels has been announced.

In the design of the sneakers are reported all the most iconic elements of the popular brand of micro-machines: the uppers have been designed in a wide range of materials, the most interesting is a breathable net placed both at the base and in the side inserts that give the sneaker anatomy of absolute comfort.


Hot Wheels produces stylized toy cars in various colors, and Wotherspoon hints at this element by draping synthetic side overlays in teal, pink, and purple hues and bringing accents of yellow, red, and bright blue to the interior trim.

The tabs divide the Adidas logo from Hot Wheels’ signature slogan, “It’s Not the Same Without the Flame,” and the heels are decorated with removable Velcro patches. The sneakers are packaged inside a special box with a tie-dye print.

adidas has just landed in the metaverse“We have embarked on the new era of originality. We have said from the beginning that if we want to be the brand that represents and helps in the spread of the values of the Z generation, then we must move at the same speed and with the same dynamism. This spirit blends perfectly with the principles of Adidas, where we embrace the limit, open the door to the new, and act with rebellious optimism.” 

And surely, this rebellious optimism will be the basis of this new collaboration with Hot Wheels.

In 2021 Hot Wheels was the protagonist of an iconic collaboration with Gucci

Hot Wheels produce macchinine stilizzate in varie colorazioni e Wotherspoon accenna a questo elemento drappeggiando le sovrapposizioni laterali sintetiche in tonalità verde acqua, rosa e viola, oltre a portare accenti di giallo, rosso e blu brillante sul rivestimento interno.

Le linguette dividono il logo adidas dallo slogan caratteristico di Hot Wheels “It’s Not the Same Without the Flame,” e i talloni sono decorati con toppe in velcro rimovibili. Le sneakers sono confezionate all’interno di una speciale scatola con stampa tie-dye.


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