Buy a Diesel T-shirt and the house is a gift

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The Italian brand Diesel has put on sale a t-shirt worth 5 million dollars, but if you buy it you have a home as a gift … and a home. A beautiful penthouse in Miami!
If until now you thought that paying a Gucci or Balmain shirt, for example on the 200 euros was a lot, now Diesel’s is almost unattainable. Absurd but true, on the occasion of the Miami Art Basel, Diesel has just put on sale a capsule collection of the world’s most expensive t-shirts with prices ranging from half a million to five million dollars a piece, and who will buy a t-shirt, will also purchase an apartment in the Diesel condominium in Miami. The official presentation took place yesterday 3 December, while from today 4 December it is also possible to buy a t-shirt and a property (or for some visit and dream).
The Diesel condominium, designed by Zyschovich Architects and defined as the most bizarre co-lab of the year, is located in the most exciting and cosmopolitan neighborhood of the city, Wynwood. Cement, metal and plant elements are the protagonists of this luxury residence, which includes thirteen duplex penthouses and a series of dépendances with private terrace. The living project also includes a tropical garden, a swimming pool, a gym, a meditation room, a meeting room and an open space lobby with an attached art gallery. The apartments have different shades depending on their exposure and the futuristic setting is enhanced by light installations and reflective surfaces in the corridors and lounges.

Diesel is a brand that has made provocation a trademark and even though many brands own their own lines for the home, Armani, Fendi, Gucci and Versace are just a few examples, so far no brand had literally sold luxury homes with own signature.
The line includes only 143 t-shirts, one for each apartment for sale, and on each is printed the floor plan of the apartment you are going to buy. A rather unusual way to find yourself in the keys of a penthouse in Miami just buying a white T-shirt.

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