Maria Vittoria Cusumano davanti al wall della serata di gala del Golden Foot Awards di Montecarlo


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Dear girls, the atelier I want to talk to you about today is one of the best I know: it’s the Atelier Eme’. You’re going to hear about it again, I can assure you. The quality is extremely high and their clothing pieces are as elegant as you can get.That is why I decided to talk about it in my blog. First of all, the atelier disposes of many headquarters all over the world. Two of them are in Rome: the first one is on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the second one, with two floors, is going to open in the middle of november, and I just can’t wait.

As soon as I got my invitation to the Golden Foot Award, I immediately understood who I had to turn to for my dress. I wanted something classy, but not too sober. Something a princess would wear, something inspired to Grace Kelly, who always managed to look beautiful, elegant, original and never out of place.That is why the dresses by the Atelier Eme made me think of her.As soon as I arrived (make sure to get an appointment) I was surrounded by sparkling dresses, suitable for any dream-like experience. The staff here is incredibly kind and professional. They immediately made me feel at ease and they even offered me a glass of prosecco. What could I want more than trying on wonderful dresses, in a large, warm and well-appointed room, surrounded by fashion experts and sipping a bit of prosecco?Well, actually there’s more: the dress I picked! As soon as I saw it I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. The color is pink (the quintessence of pink) and the dress has a princess-like train. Of course, my dress could be no other than that, as even Montecarlo’s royal family attended the Golden Foot! But it’s not just the train that makes this dress perfect for a princess.

There’s also the corset, for example. It is tulle-made, hand-embroidered with a flowery pattern made with rhinestones, crystals and corals that decorate the mikado skirt, which is endowed with pockets and inverted pleats. An actual wonder. When I wore it and I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt on cloud nine. Other than taking part to a very popular ceremony, I also had the immense satisfaction of going there wearing a dress which made me feel really beautiful, like in a fairytale. Moreover the beautiful and friendly Pujol’s wife, Vanessa Lorenzo, was very impressed with my dress and complimented with me a lot. Many other girls noticed and appreciated it, but it was her comment that mostly stuck with me.

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