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A new pair of sneakers – elegant, technological, lifestyle-proof – was sent on our planet just for us fashion addicts and new followers of fitness style in the dailywear. I’m referring to the latest Air Max model that has just been launched by Nike, the innovative Air Max 270. An absolute bomb. Let’s start by saying that the list of news introduced by this pair of shoes is incredibly long and many of them are way too technical to be listed in this article. Thus I’ll tell you about the most revolutionary and tasty ones, the ones we mostly care about. First of all, you should know that this is the first pair of Air Max to be created not exclusively for running but in a “lifestyle“ optic. This is what makes them absolutely unique. Most of all because, despite their urban glamorous style, these are still the most amortized Air Max ever and those with the highest heel ever (32 millimetres), which simply means the maximum of comfort. Running while wearing a pair of 270 fundamentally means not to feel any sort of pain or stress on your back nor on your knees. Those who have tried them also talk about a certain sense of absolute freedom and lightness.

All of this is apparently due to their great performance as regards transpiration and flexibility, both granted by a new upper part made of mesh and specifically developed by the Nike research team. And then, of course, design. As regards this field, the Air Max 270 couldn’t get any cooler, Minimal, slim and super-light, its shape is inspired by the iconic Air Max 93 and Air Max 180 from the first 90’s, recreated in a contemporary key and embellished with glamorous details that make it perfect even for not too sporty outfits. After all, this time Nike decided to launch a pair of shoes capable of breaking any sort of rule and that carries along a whole new and revolutionary stylistic point of view. All of this is also proved by the wide range of colours and versions available, that are an homage to these shoes’ fashionable outlook. Well, after two years of work, full of rumours and indiscretions, the wait is finally over: from the 1st of February the 270 is on the market and it has already become a fashion icon, going forward the barriers of sportwear. Thank you Nike as you never let us down.

Maria Vittoria Cusumano davanti al wall della serata di gala del Golden Foot Awards di Montecarlo
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