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Wednesday 18 September, 6.00pm. Everything is ready. The lights go down, the music starts playing. On the ledwall appears a waterfall that will flow water for the duration of the fashion show. The Spring Summer 2020 show by Alberta Ferretti can thus begin. From the first models on the catwalk the Seventies call is already strong and clear. As well as the timeless style of the Italian designer.

Warm colors that recall the earth. Ocher, kaki, orange. Jackets, mini and long dresses, skirts and striped trousers or assembled with the patchwork technique. The colors of the earth slowly become brighter and the dresses are tinged with fuchsia, lilac, purple and light blue.

A small return to the natural, almost a reminder of the safari of the models wearing wide-brimmed hats and waist-worn trousers. A total black dress with a midi length acts as a watershed. It’s time for black & white. Chiffon dresses, psychedelic prints with animal-like features. The colors become darker and the dresses longer.

The clothes that touch the ankles are night blue and the fabric seems impalpable. Chiffon caresses the skin of the models. Codeword? Glamour! Rouches, sequins, embroidery, beads enrich these already extremely precious dresses. Alberta Ferretti’s art made us dream again this time.

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