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The history of “timeless beauty” began in the 1930s in the splendid setting of Montreux. La Clinique brought together the most avant-garde scientists of the moment to find the perfect formula to combat skin aging. It is after long years of research that the Clinique La Prairie  was proud to announce to the whole world that it had given birth to anti-aging cell therapy. Thus began to conquer the most famous faces of show business and to write as protagonist the history of cosmetics. Cellular treatment becomes the symbol of the Swiss brand and anti-aging innovation in the world of cosmetics. It is with the Eye Contour Cream that La Preirie takes off permanently. To confirm top level with the Cellular Basic Skincare line.


Today we want to focus on La Prairie scientists and their light equation. The brand made in Switzerland states that “The Science of Light identifies the various factors that inhibit the natural radiance of the skin”. Researchers after years of studies have created an equation, that of light precisely, in which the brightness of the skin and the various factors with which it interacts are related. As we age the skin becomes irregular, the first signs appear and in depth the collagen loses density and structure. 

The ability of the skin to reflect light is gradually compromised and its brightness tends to fade. That’s how La Prairie created two products to light up our face: White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion and White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire. So we can finally say goodbye to the annoying and unsightly color irregularities of the skin and to welcome a naturally illuminated skin. Allow yourself five minutes morning and evening to apply the products and you will soon find yourself in the mirror admiring your skin shine.


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