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“Were you silent, or were you silenced?” For the answer, we will have to wait until March 7, when Meghan Markle will release a lengthy interview with Oprah Winfreyper for CBS. For now, we know that it will only be broadcast in America, but we are confident that it can be (fully or partially) playable on video platforms such as YouTube. The extended meeting (90 min.) The queen bears the title: Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special. It will be the first interview Meghan will release since the Megxit occurred. But what should we expect from the consultation? And what revelations will Meghan make?

According to the teaser released by CBS, American TV network hosting Oprah’s interview with Meghan will be no off-limits topics, and the revelations of the Duchess and Prince Harry will be “shocking”. We will talk about the persecution of the media, similar to that suffered by Lady Diana, and its consequences on Harry and Meghan’s health. And we will also talk about racism, even if it is not clear in what terms. Will Meghan have limited herself to generic arguments on the subject, or will she have also talked about offenses and wrongs suffered personally?

Although the interview bears the name of Harry and Meghan as the protagonists, Harry will only reach Oprah and Meghan later. The first part of the interview will be a face-to-face between Meghan and Oprah. A rather unusual decision that divides the meeting’s narrative into two parts: the part Meghan who talks about “self” and the part of Meghan and Harry who will speak, we imagine, to “us”.

Oprah and Meghan are longtime friends, and we’re sure this confidence will ensure that the unique topics never publicly touched before by the Duchess and the Prince will also be treated. According to the first rumors, in part only with Meghan, the marriage, family and the pressure suffered by the tabloids will be discussed. With Harry’s arrival, the interview will move to topics such as their transfer to the States, their dreams, and future philanthropic moves. Central will be Meghan’s new motherhood theme, which the couple announced on Valentine’s Day. A pregnancy that comes after a spontaneous abortion.

Many wonder what will happen during the interview, but perhaps it would be better to ask what will happen after the interview. The reason is simple: the last interview released by Meghan and Harry dates back to their visit to the African continent. According to the palace’s rumors, a series of statements created extreme annoyance in the royal family, and specifically, they had agitated William. But above all, an interview that had anticipated, a little, the Megxit.

Furthermore, the interview with Meghan “solo” can only recall the scandalous interview that had shaken the royal family from the foundations released by Diana. A figure, that of the beloved mother, who continues to echo in the life of Harry and Meghan. One gets the impression that a sort of overlap, almost “carbon copy,” is taking place between the figure of Meghan Markle and that of Diana Spencer. And who knows, really, this interview, this time it will not have enormous consequences on the royal family’s future. On the other hand, in the trailer, the former actress does not speak. Harry does. “I was afraid that history might repeat itself,” says the prince, alluding to mother Diana. The presenter closed: “You said some pretty shocking things!”.

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