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April 20 is International Marijuana Day for all consumers, and Reebok is celebrating by reinventing its Classic Leather model with decorations suitable for the occasion. The sneakers available are limited editions, and only 500 pairs will be released.
Most of the upper is made with white leather. The vector stripes are made with a deep green hue in an attempt to translate the color of the plant best. The “Vivid Orange” and “Hero Yellow” shades that run along the lower parts of the base symbolize a foggy sky at dawn. Instead of the usual Reebok brand on the heels, this time, we find “GOOD” on the left foot and “MORNING” on the right side. A further reference to the “wake and bake” theme. They could not miss the red eyes, which we find on the central tongue of the foot and next to the Reebok logo, positioned on the outer sides of the sneakers. The Reebok Classic Leather Stoner is already available on the website for $ 90.
But let’s go back to the story of the day. Not everyone knows how this anniversary was born, nor why the number “420” is connected to this day (among other things, graphically rendered in different ways: 4/20 or 4:20). So let’s find out some more details about the stories related to the use and spread of cannabis.
Why is 420 the number for marijuana? The true story linked to tradition
When it comes to cannabis and its history, one cannot fail to mention the Waldos group. We are in the early 1970s. A group of boys decided to call themselves that because they gathered in San Rafael (California) using a space characterized by a wall (wall in English is called “wall”) located just outside their high school. The Waldos started the tradition of smoking cannabis at 4:20 am and looking for a marijuana field that was supposed to be near the Point Reyes Coast Guard station. A treasure hunt that the young people soon abandoned without, however, giving up the habit of smoking cannabis at 4:20 am. Here is how the number 420.
The Waldos initially hid their identity to preserve the careers they later developed into adulthood. However, this only reinforced their myth, giving birth to the most disparate theories around the number 420. 420 was thought to be the code by which the police identified offenses committed with marijuana, that 420 was the number of active ingredients contained within marijuana, and even that there could be a connection with Hitler’s date of birth.
In recent times Mark Gravitch, Dave Reeddix, and Steve Capper have come out as members of the Waldos. Bob Dylan, according to many, could also be a member of the clan. One of his songs, entitled “Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35“, refers to two numbers which, when multiplied, result in 420. But this last theory has never been confirmed.
The Waldos in front of San Rafael High School

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