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LùBar was born from the idea of ​​the three Lù brothers (Lucilla, Lucrezia and Ludovico) Bonaccorsi, of Sicilian origins but actually Milanese. The name comes from LùBar, “the bar” in Sicilian dialect, or the “Bar dei Lù”.
The name has been known to Milanese since 2014 when at the beginning the Lù Bar was a Sicilian-themed cart but which today looks like a majestic café enchants inside a museum and completely surrounded by greenery. It is located inside the Villa Reale in Palestro, which in addition to hosting a lot of beauty, the nineteenth-century works of the Gallery of Modern Art, a romantic park and several sumptuous rooms, also houses the bar-bistro signed LùBar. A new perfect place for a quick breakfast, a ‘light lunch’ or a candlelit dinner. It is located inside the south wing of the Villa, once a transit portico for carriages and lemon groves, but which today has been recovered and transformed as a winter garden to house the restaurant.

Together with the Lambertenghi monument by Berthel Thorvaldsen, the internal room houses the bistro tables in a setting that recalls the rooms of an orangery, with a careful selection of plants and essences in respect of the original materials of the ‘700. The lights do their part, which come in through the large windows and reflect on the white marble, giving us a comfortable and warm environment. A large outdoor area in the park, smaller and dedicated to children, is added to a large outdoor area located in the internal courtyard of the Villa and to the main room in the portico.

Also called ‘garden restaurant‘, this Milanese / Sicilian corner is the perfect place to taste the typical products of the Sicilian tradition: freshly stuffed cannoli, granita and organic fruit juices, almond milk and of course arancini of all kinds, from that classic to that with meat sauce up to the most original versions with shrimp and pistachio. On the menu, also the macco di fava, the revisited Palermo panelle (baked instead of fried), the eggplant meatballs, the bottarga pasta and the Messina style beef rolls.

Lù Bar 
Lunedì – Domenica: 8:00 / 00:00
Via Palestro, 16, 20121 Milano MI

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