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Breathe in this fashion week air deeply, because in this edition of Milan, there are so many new things and we haven’t even reached the end yet!

From Moschino which celebrates its 40 years of activity with a show between fashion and performance inspired by the greatest stylistic successes of its founder to Pradawhich left everyone speechless not only for its new impeccable and almost otherworldly ss24, but also for the series of celebrities lined up in the front row. From Kylie Jenner and Rosalia to Hunter Schafer, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson, Prada’s guest list was a true masterclass in style, bringing together its many brand ambassadors and friends.


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But the greatest expectations undoubtedly fell on Gucci and the long-awaited debut of Sabato De Sarno.

After the farewell of Alessandro Michele, whose greatness in terms of artistic contribution continued to hover around the maison like a ghost difficult to forget, many wondered about the future of the brand.

It’s no surprise that this season all eyes were on the debut collection of Gucci’s new creative director, which was scheduled on the third day of Milan Fashion week.

Despite a last minute change of location due to the rainy climate in Milan, Sabato De Sarno presented his collection ss24, named “Ancora” and inspired by his “beloved Italy”.

A fusion of traditional styles and men’s tailoring elements such as blazers, trench coats and shorts recoded in neon shades, monogram fabrics and micro silhouettes, illuminated the catwalk, combined with classic shoes modernized with chunky soles and apparently simple accessories but in typical Gucci style.


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De Sarno’s intent to bring the true essence of Gucci back to life with a lighter and more joyful narrative is clear.

The comparison with previous collections was inevitable, but also with the contemporary Tom Ford fashion show, staged the evening before, whose Gucci vibes of the past did not go unnoticed.

In any case, many have been able to enthusiastically appreciate De Sarno’s work.

“It’s a story of joy of life, of passion, of humanity, of people, of real life, of irreverent glamour, of provocation, of confidence, of simplicity, of immediate feelings and emotions, of a specific type of art, of words – words in artworks, words in pictures, words in spaces, just words. A story of richness and lust/desire, of red but also blue and green, of flash, of spontaneity, of light, of a party at the first light of day, it’s an unhidden story, one that’s proud, it is manifest and not taboo although it might look like it should be, it is completely free and filled with euphoria. It is a story of fabulous, diverse people; it’s Getty images of cool people of all ages, and it’s inclusive as in everyone is welcomed. It’s a story of movies, of my beloved Italy, of intellectuals and travels around the world but still feeling at home wherever you are. A story of objects – shiny, tactile and cold to the touch but warm to the heart and soul, these are desirable to collect, not for a museum but to enrich everyday life. It’s a story of music and nights out, of sweat, dancing, and singing. It’s a story of family, of kissing, lots and lots of kisses. It’s a story of everything, again, but this time expressed through joy. “ explained the designer.


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