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The new Chanel N ° 5  Christmas campaign is really a daydream.
Testimonial is the beautiful Lily Rose Depp  (who had just debuted with the French maison in 2015), her enchanted look as a child and her fresh and clean face pay tribute to the magical atmosphere of Christmas.
To sign the advertising campaign was the photographer Jean Paul Goude  who has worked with Chanel for decades.
Lily Rose is sitting on a maxi bottle of perfume three meters high and made just for the occasion, she holds a snowball in her hand like a magic sphere, light snowflakes fall on her, Christmas music takes us to the day most enchanted of the year.

I loved playing the character created by Jean-Paul. That wonder, that amazement brought me back to the sensations I felt on Christmas morning, when I was a child, “says Lily Rose.
And seeing her expression while sitting on the perfume is just like that.
By its very nature, an advertising film dedicated to end-of-the-year parties evokes poetry, celebration, joy, surprise. The works of Jean-Paul Goude combine humor and charm, with a non-conformist signature. Choosing his imagination, characterized by that eternal sense of wonder typical of children, it was almost obligatory “word of Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources for CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty and Watches & Fine Jewelry.


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