MVC Magazine’s team went to Milan in the already closed period of the MMU (milano moda Uomo) and while following fashion week’s events, we also took the occasion to try the greatest restaurants in town.

The absolute winner of our “food themed research” is, out of doubt, I Mori restaurant (via Archimede, 5, 20129 Milano).

This place is probably the most known sicilian restaurant in Milan. We had a proof of its good reputation, having the possibility to personally appreciate its tastes, the marvellous platings and the elegant and hospitable location given by the contrast between the traditional teste di moro and the modern interior style.

The founders and owners of I Mori, the two brothers Marco and Francesco Drago, make of their job a fine art and a passionate tribute to their origin, selecting only first quality products coming from Sicily. What makes their menù unique, it is not only the attention towards row materials, but also the elaborated gourmet reinterpretation, made by the skillfull chef Alberto Faranda, of the most popular dishes and ingredients of sicilian cooking.

So for all the sicilian people far from home and for those who just want to discover flavours and atmospheres of this beautifull part of South Italy, you just can’t miss a lunch or a dinner at “I Mori” restaurant. You are going to find a sophisticated corner of Sicily in the city of Milan.