From Tik Tok to the new face of Celine’s ADV

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In recent years, many young people have used a new social platform to get noticed. We are talking about Tik Tok, a platform where millions of kids enjoy posting special videos that they make with different filters and songs. But there is one guy above all who has made himself noticed in the end and not a little. This is the young eighteen-year-old Noen Eubanks, teen idol with millions of followers on the Tik Tok social platform, chosen by the French fashion house Celine for the new advertising campaign. Hedi Slimane, the designer of the maison, has decided to immortalize it in a series of black and white shots, called “Portrait of a Teen Idol“, with a timeless punk flavor. An aesthetic impact matrix based on punk nail jackets, western couture shirts, dark pants and striped crop tops.
On the Tik Tok social platform, the super-star (from a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia) has gained over seven million followers in less than two years. A climb to vertiginous fame, earned thanks to the fluid image that perfectly embodies the spirit of the time and the sentiment of its peers. Dyed and unkempt hair, batik t-shirts and torn over-knit sweaters, but above all the optimism and positivity conveyed by the use of the color also of the shaded Billie Eilish hair.
This is the first time that the casting of a high fashion campaign chooses a character from this positioning. A decision in line with the most recent trends, given that Noen Eubanks was one of the pioneers of the e-boy look, an eccentric trend that is clearly on the web.

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