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Yesterday evening, Tuesday 19 November, Via della Conciliazione in Rome turned into a red carpet, or rather a pink carpet for the presentation of the film event on Chiara Ferragni Unposted, already presented at the Venice Film Festival, with immediate success. One and a half million box office receipts. Criticism and fan in delirium.
The capital could not be outdone and on the occasion of the release of the film on Amazon Prime Video on November 29th and chose the Auditorium della Conciliazione as a cinema for the screening of the documentary.
Unposted speaks of Chiara, of the true Chiara, of her successes, of her fashion weeks, of her events but also of her frailties, she tells the behind the scenes of a life with a perfect and light appearance. It is a story made by her in the first person, but also by friends and relatives who surround her every day.
Via della Conciliazione has never been so glam.

Chiara Ferragni dressed Giambattista Valli with her husband Fedez

From 19.00 thousands of people were seizing the whole space of San Pietro. A breathtaking and evocative setting. Chiara Ferragni arrives by the hand with her husband Fedez. Ultra smart. Thrilled.
Chiara Ferragni was perfect from every point of view, from the make-up of the excellent make-up artist Manuele Mameli, to the black one-shoulder dress by Giambattista Valli with a dizzying slit that showed off the jewel sandals of the same fashion house. Her husband Fedez, in a black suit with a white shirt, was no less.
Along the “pink” carpet the fans are delirious, Chiara lets herself be involved with her audience and lends herself to selfies and autographs.Present at the event were many VIPs such as Diana del Bufalo, the actor Cristiano Caccamo, Giulia de Majo and the entrepreneur Maria Vittoria Cusumano.

Maria Vittoria Cusumano with Fedez

Directed by Chiara Ferragni Unposted is signed by the skilful and delicate pen of Elisa Amoruso, who has been able to show the most private and unexpected sides of one of the most influential young women today.
But we don’t want to reveal more about the film, but from November 29 it will be able to see it all over the world on Amazon Prime Video.

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