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Prada realized its sweetest project for the 2020 resort collection campaign, reminding us how tenderness and simplicity can be communicative tools that should not be underestimated in a panorama like that of fashion, in which increasingly complex, artificial and alienating languages are more and more proposed.
The brand has in fact involved a series of selected florists in the cities of Milan, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo to create exclusive fragrant bouquets wrapped in newspaper pages with images of the campaign.

This re-evaluation of spontaneity and naturalness in everyday life is nothing but the right continuation of the idea that is also the basis of the Prada collection itself and of the show.
«My husband always warns me of being too sophisticated. He says: get off the pedestal, start again from the lower steps, it’s the best way to sharpen your wits. With this collection, in a certain sense, I put its principle into practice: faced with the complexity of the situation we are all going through, I reacted with clarity and simplicity, instead of adding superstructures to chaos. I think we need to take a step back, not out of fear or cowardice but for clarity, precisely. After all, this simplicity of dressing is my protest against chaos and, together, the attempt to understand it and perhaps improve it ” commented Miuccia Prada with a smile.

Thus the Prada Seditious Simplicity campaign has come to life not only through flower stands scattered around the cities but also online: the brand has created a dedicated mini-site where you can customize your bouquet, choosing the accompanying bag and taking a portrait to share with the hashtag #PradaSeditiousSimplicity, so you can actively participate in the campaign.
The images of the Campaign were made separately by a couple of photographers and subsequently combined: the New York photographer Drew Vickers, who with his characteristic calm and reflective mood has dealt with the foreground portraits of the subjects, and the Japanese Keizo Kitajima who, with his street and dynamic approach has captured the most instantaneous moments.
The works of the two photographers put together perfectly express the underlying message of Prada’s campaign, capturing the beauty of the present, in its emotions and in its extemporaneousness.
The idea of ​​using these photos to wrap colorful bouquets of flowers makes it all even more delicate and elegant.

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