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When you go to the  Al Garghet in Milan, it is as if you went for a few hours into the Snow White fairy tale, and there are three reasons: the restaurant is hidden in this enchanted green forest, in a Milan where grass still grows; it is furnished like an old country house but chic; the staff have this lovely green and red check uniform, and not the classic white or black uniforms we are used to. In short, everything is conceived and designed down to the smallest details. The house where Al Garghet is based, centuries ago, was occupied by the Spaniards, who used it first as a gendarmerie and then as the residence of the ‘campè’, the man who supervised the waters of the rice fields.
Now, the atmosphere is bucolic and romantic: pianist who plays all evening, soft lights and candles that create a really warm environment.

But there is only one small great detail that makes you understand you are in Milan: the menu. It presents only Milanese dishes and they are written in Milanese dialect by hand in elementary calligraphy in school lined notebooks.
The cuisine here follows the furrow of the Lombard tradition. Revisited in a modern key, of course, but not too much: there is really everything that has made the history of the tables of our Region. From mondeghili to nervit, from risotto to the inevitable ossibuchi, from cassoeula to the famous Milanese cutlet.

The restaurant is located south of Milan, and we recommend getting there by car. But above all to book from Tuesday if you plan to go on the weekend, it is always full.

Al Garghet
Via Selvanesco, 36 Milan
Open from Tuesday – Saturday: 19:30 – 22.30
Sunday: 12:00 – 14:00 / 19:30 – 22:30
Monday closed