AirPods Pro: the new generation of music

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The world’s best-selling wireless headphones go to another step. The new generation of AirPods Pro will be on the market tomorrow 30th October. Apple says that the “Pro” of these wireless headphones is active noise cancellation, with a distinctly superior and enveloping sound in a brand new lightweight and in-ear design. The new AirPods Pro in-ear sound extraordinary with adaptive EQ , fits comfortably with flexible earphones, and presents the innovative mode of active noise cancellation and transparency. We think customers will love this new addition to the AirPods family. By opening the charging case next to an iOS or iPadOS device and giving it a simple touch, AirPods Pro are immediately associated with all devices connected to a user’s iCloud account, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPod touch.

Each earpiece comes with three different sizes of soft and flexible silicone ear pieces, which adapt to the contours of each individual ear, providing both a comfortable fit and a superior hold, a critical factor in providing an enveloping sound. The AirPods Pro are resistant to sweat and water, making them perfect for active lifestyles. Active noise cancellation on AirPods Pro uses two microphones combined with advanced software, to adapt continuously to each individual ear and headphone. This removes background noise to provide a uniquely personalized noise cancellation experience that allows the user to focus on what they are listening to.
Great news is the Transparency mode, which offers users the opportunity to listen to the music and the environment around them at the same time, whether it is to listen to traffic while out for a run or an important train announcement on the way daily. The transition between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency is simple, and can be performed directly from AirPods Pro, using a new innovative force sensor on the stem. The force sensor also simplifies playing, pausing or skipping tracks and answering or blocking calls.

The AirPods Pro offer the same battery life as the second-generation AirPods, with up to 5 hours of continuous listening. In the active noise canceling mode, the AirPods Pro will offer up to 4 and a half hours of listening, and up to 3 and a half hours of conversation on a single charge. They can be recharged via cable, or via a Qi certified wireless charging mat. AirPods Pro will be available in Italy for € 279.

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