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Read the interview with singer Alessandro Giusti on his new single!

1)How did the single “Tonight” come out?

“Tonight” emerged during a phase of uncertainty in my life, where I grappled with questions of identity and purpose.

It was a time when I lacked the courage to pursue my dreams and found myself stuck in endeavors that left me unfulfilled.

This song became a form of therapy, helping me come to terms with the realization that to pursue my true passion, I needed to get rid of the comfort of my established routines.

2) Have you been able to connect with individuals who resonate with your experiences or emotions expressed in the song?

I certainly hope so. My intention is for people to draw strength and inspiration from the message conveyed in my music.

3)Why did you choose to film the music video in New York, and what influenced your decision to sing in English despite being Italian?

I chose to sing in English due to my lifelong fascination with Anglo-Saxon and American music, which has been a significant influence since childhood. When I began composing my own songs, it felt natural to express myself in English rather than Italian.

As for the music video, the decision to film in New York was a collaborative choice with my record label. The city’s iconic status as a symbol of the American dream, coupled with its stunning backdrop, made it an ideal setting for the visual representation of the song.

4)When did you first discover your passion for singing, and could you share a bit about your musical journey?

To be honest, I was so young that the exact moment I began singing is a bit fuzzy in my memory.

Music has always been a part of my life, inherited from my mother. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve belting out tunes in the car with her.

As I grew older, I continued to pursue music, forming a band with friends at the age of 16. In June 2019, I embarked on my solo career after meeting my vocal coach Mary Crisci, who introduced me to Max Marcolini, a renowned producer with whom I’ve been collaborating ever since.

5)Where can listeners find your song “Tonight”?

You can find “Tonight” on all major digital platforms, and the official music video filmed in New York City is available on YouTube.

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