My name is Maria Vittoria Cusumano, I am an entrepreneur and founder of MVC Magazine.

I was born in Bonn, Germany on December 16, 1991. I started working in the fashion industry from a very young age and in 2016 I founded the blog “Thescentofwoman”, then replaced by the MVC magazine, which in a very short time has achieved very important results, imposing itself among the most successful fashion blogs.

Just before graduating in Law at the La Sapienza University in Rome, I founded the MVC brand: a concept, a magazine, but above all one of the few agencies in Italy specializing in content marketing and customized influencer marketing.

In addition to my constant commitment in the field of fashion, in September 2019 I was appointed Ambassador of Komen Italia with the aim of telling about their projects through social and media channels and raising awareness of women under 30 in the field of prevention. With Komen Italia, I held a meeting with the master students at the Luiss Buisiness School on 13 January 2020, to explain the importance of one-to-one communication in conveying a charity campaign. I recently obtained a master’s degree in Forensic Genetics, one of my great passions, at the Tor Vergata University in Rome.

I currently live in New York, where I recently moved due to various projects and work commitments and here I am attending a course at the FIT NYC University, while continuing to maintain a very close link with Italy, my country, where I continue to work supported by the Italian team. In the pandemic emergency Covid 19 I was engaged in various Crowdfunding Campaigns in Italy, including the one in collaboration with Luiss Future Maker in support of the Italian Red Cross and the one in collaboration with La Sapienza University and the Sapienza Foundation to support the Policlinico Umberto I and the Sant’Andrea Hospital.

I also participated in the “United to stop the virus” #IosonoRoma Vanity Fair Campaign, a message of solidarity to remain united in this dramatic moment for Italy and the world. To raise awareness among young people of the absolute need to stay at home during the Covid 19 pandemic, I also took part in the National Campaign launched by the Ministry of Youth Policies and Sports with the #distantimauniti hastag.

In my work I put determination, passion and sacrifice; over time I understood what my real secret is: I have clear ideas. For me beauty, elegance and success are a matter of touch and it is from this point of view that I look at fashion. It is from this point of view that I try to realize myself, as a woman and as an entrepreneur.