About Me

My name is Maria Vittoria Anna Greta Cusumano. These are a lot of names for just one person, but they tell the story of my family: a story of artists, entrepreneurs and travelers. I was born in Bonn, Germany, on the 16th of December 1991. I have two sisters that I love: one of them was born in New York, the other in Rome, which is also the city where I have decided to live.

Even since I was very young I started working in the fashion world and right away I understood that was the path I was supposed to follow: in 2016 I started the blog Thescentofwoman, achieving incredible results. Shortly, though, I realized that my ambition was taking me somewhere else: I felt I was something more than just a digital influencer. Thus, just before getting my law degree at the Sapienza University in Rome, I created the brand MVC: a concept, a magazine, but most of all one of the few companies in Italy specialized in content marketing and customized influencer marketing.
During the years, I understood which is my secret: I have my mind clear. Β According to me, beauty, elegance and success are a matter of tact, and from this point of view I look at fashion. From this point of view I try to fulfill myself, as a woman and as an entrepreneur.