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While 2020 certainly cannot be defined in general terms as a year to remember, musical memories related to this period do not necessarily have to fall into the category; that is why this year too, as it already happened in 2018 and 2019, the Spotify music streaming service is offering its users an overview of all the most popular contents of the platform of the last 12 months. The developers have activated Spotify Wrapped 2020, or your 2020 on Spotify, a special section of the app and web playback interface, which puts each user in front of a selection of his most listened to songs and hits that have characterized the last few months.

The Spotify section Wrapped can be reached very easily both from the app and from the web page: the developers have in fact provided a flashy banner that guides users to the destination, even if the experience differs from smartphones and the web. On the Spotify app for Android and iOS, once you touch the button, a series of contents opens in the typical format of Instagram stories: inside information and statistics on favorite songs, the most popular genres, the first encounters with the most popular songs. The counting system also includes podcasts, created playlists and individual artists, plus a series of quizzes dedicated to individual users to test their own knowledge of their tastes. Each screen with information about your favorite songs, playlists and genres can be downloaded and shared on social networks.

On the version of Spotify dedicated to web browsers, the functionality takes on the appearance of a double playlist in the form of a ranking. The first is a top 100 of the songs that have been most played within the app; the second playlist is the ranking of missed hits, or the songs that in 2020 most interested the audience of the app but which have never been listened to by the user in question.


Speaking of charts, in 2019, Post Malone is officially the most listened to artist on Spotify with over 6.5 billion streams. Behind him we find Billie Eilish with more than 6 billion plays, while Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and Bad Bunny complete the top 5.

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