Top 3 tech-beauty products that actually work

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With this new day in age, technology has been a constant revolutionary tool for our personal care. Now, this is definitely a huge benefit for all the beauty industry. Before, there was a time where we thought that making wrinkles disappear was impossible. Now, because we have the resources to make ourselves look younger, it is a constant thought.

I can say it without shame I am a beauty addict. I can’t stop looking for the perfect product that would make my skin look radiant and soft like a baby’s skin.
Here is a treat for all the girls in search of tech-beauty products that actually work, your search has been stopped! These are all fantastic products directly approved by me!

1. Trinity Facial Toning Device with TWR Attachment

This is an INCREDIBLE product. My sister, after going to a Revolve event, called me and told me about this new product that Revolve has that works magic to your skin. I bought it immediately and let me tell you. It was the best $429 that I have ever spent in my life! It lifts and tightens your skin with almost immediate results. This high-tech tool reduces wrinkles, smooths your skin, and it tightens it giving it a more contoured complexion.

It’s a must-have product to use it every morning!

2. The Clarisonic| Mia Smart Connected Beauty Device

I don’t know who invented this product, but I could marry him! This changed my beauty routine drastically. I have never felt my skin this healthy and clean, and it’s all because of this high- tech instrument.

As soon as you get to the website, they have you take a test to understand better your skin type, and then they recommend the perfect Clarisonic for you; Mine is “Mia Smart Connected Beauty Device”. It connects to the Clarisonic app where you can upload a custom skin care routine. The product minimizes pores, it reduces eye puffiness, and you can also use it for blending your foundation with an applicator that is sold separately. All my friends are buying it after they tried mine and are loving it.

3. Eyeonix by Nurse Jamie

As soon as I saw that Nurse Jamie made this product, I had to get it. She is the queen for perfect skin; all the Kardashians go to her for any skin problem.

This is a fun product that can become a very beneficial tool if you stayed up all night and you still want to look fresh and healthy. It’s like a magic wand for your dark undereye circles and puffiness. It massages all your eye area using high-frequency vibrations that revitalize your skin. This movement helps stimulate collagen that will give you a more youthful appearance.

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