The Lifting Manual by Alessandra Ricchizzi

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I am covered with diamonds thanks to Alessandra” is how the entrepreneur Maria Vittoria Cusumano says smiling to her followers on instagram. But what is this new technique called Lifting Manual? A special facial treatment patented by the Alessandra Ricchizzi facialist, which performs an immediate lifting action without the use of a scalpel or puncture that promises to erase wrinkles and marks for a while. An authentic anti-wrinkle facial massage, inspired by the Korean beauty tradition, which allows you to get visible results instantly (and measurable with the ruler, as the specialist likes to proceed). The result ? A relaxed and luminous face with high and toned cheekbones.Alessandra Ricchizzi
My lifting manual acts on the internal and external muscles of the face, raising the cheekbones“, explained the facialist. “It begins with the release of the diaphragm to obtain better oxygenation of the tissues and then begins with the toning process, which acts directly on the muscles.
The highlight of the treatment is the unblocking (painless) release of the Bichat bubble, often responsible for swellings and stagnations located on the sides of the mouth, and then the use of a platinum two-inch beauty roller enhances the draining action. A truly remarkable sculpt effect, since the manual lifting can take away from two to ten years of age.Maria Vittoria Cusumano with Alessandra Ricchizzi
Your customers? Chiara Ferragni, Belen Rodriguez, Claudia Galanti, Chiara Biasi, Taylor Mega and many others because her work has already conquered 18.5 thousand followers on Instagram. His place of work is in Milan at the Istituto Clinico Brera, but he also receives an appointment in Brescia, Cagliari, Turin and Rome, but also in New York and Los Angeles, where he often flies to satisfy his addicts. The cost of treatment? About 100 euros for a duration of 30 to 40 minutes. A cachet spent more than good!

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