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Following the tragic murder of George Floyd, the street-art seemed to discover again its roots: by communicating a strong message to the world in the streets. We recently saw Bansky’s latest piece in which the street artist underlined with his usual charisma, how racism is a white people problem and it’s their job to solve it and repair what they did. But he’s just one of the many street artists that wanted to shake people’s consciousness with their art. 

Eric Rieger, better known as HotxTea, last Saturday came down to the streets of Minneapolis and creatively manifested his dissent by projecting pictures of George Floyd with a light show on Railroad Bridge, the building of the Gold Medal Flour and Love Power Church. He transformed Floyd, in a silent presence, just like he was still alive and was moving around the streets of the city.

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Last night @czt and I went out on a mission to project #GeorgeFloyd on surfaces around the Twin Cities. It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least and it makes me at a loss for words. Our city is very upset, confused, sad and scared. I’ve never seen anything like this in Minnesota ever and it really breaks my heart. I chose to remember George’s life with these photographs and live projection and the response in public was so embracing it made me realize that we can come together. But on the way home I had to drive through South Minneapolis to get to the freeway and came across long time Hexagon Bar burning to the ground with the owner across the street crying and yelling “This is not okay!” That’s when I saw what injustice can drive people to do and I was just stunned. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Rest Peacefully George. These photographs are for you.

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The Parisian artist Combo created a mural to denounce police’s violence and commemorate George Floyd during the inauguration of the Street Art Fest at Grenoble. “I wanted to paint a message close to my heart […] I can’t breathe became an international message that anyone can understand“.

Time to Change the World says the big murals appeared at Naples by the street artist JorisA graffiti that portrays 5 faces, one next to another, are all familiar, Lenin, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Angela Davis and George Floyd at the centre with red tears falling down his face instead of the tribals symbols that usually characterize Joris’works, to show that we’re part of the same tribe.
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