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The highly anticipated skincare line of the smallest of the Jennner family is having a huge success. After the announcement on his instagram profile and the right suspense, the official profile @kylieskin and the website arrived in which you can buy all the products of the new line. A range of products cruelty free, gluten free, vegan, paraben free, sulfate free and dermatologist tested.

Prices are low, especially if you buy the whole package.
The collection consists of:

1. cleansing mousse with a delicate fragarnce
2. walnut face scrub exfoliating and anti infiammatory
3. vanilla milk toner to remove makeup, without alcohol to not dry the skin
4. serum with vitamin C and ingredients that stimulate collagen
5. face moisturizer composed of shea butter and orange peel extract, also contains a blue light filter suitable for those who spend a long time in front of the computer screen
6. eye cream rich in green tea, pomegranate extract, vitamin E and caffeine to counter eyebags and dark circles

On the site you can also find makeup remover wipes and a pratical travel bag.
After conquering her fans with the cosmetics line, Kylie dedicated herself to skin care. She is the one to act as a testimonial, her photo without makeup and freckles received millions of likes. Each product satisfies all skin types, it is delicate, natural, rich in vitamins, created to obtain a healtier and brighter skin.

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