JACKIE O’ (Rome)

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From the 70s, more precisely from 1972, in Via Boncompagni the point of reference for music and worldly lovers is Jackie O’.
Beatrice e Gilberto Iannozzi creators and founders of the club wanted to pay homage to the timeless style and elegance of Jacqueline Kennedy who later became Jacqueline Onassis, but know to all as Jackie O.

Club, restaurant, location for exclusive events this is the soul of Jackie O. A real innovation for the time turning a theater into a club with multiple souls.

Here the most prestigious and beloved DJs of the national and international scene have played. Live music is a must for the club. House and commercial music, revival in the 70s, 80s, 90s, Italian music and much more; Jackie O’ satisfies all tastes. A spacious location where, in addiction to dancing, you can enjoy excellent drinks. The area dedicated to the piano bar is more intimate and suffused with lights. Grand piano, leather sofa, large mirrors make this location sophisticated and classy. Michele Contesi rejoices his guests every night playing his keyboard live.

Not just music, Jackie O’ is also and above all restaurant. To take care of it is Veronica Iannozzi, daughter of Beatrice and Gilberto. Having grow up within these walls rich in history and stories, Veronica could only dedicate herself to one of the fondamental souls of Jackie O’.
Despite this, the mother is still one of the main pillars, she does not miss a single day of job. His presence is now a tradition that cannot be renounced.
The dishes proposed by the chefs Federico Sparaco and Stiven Toro focus on raw materials and the seasonality of the products. Their attention to food is anhanced by a perfect mix of innovation and tradition.
But we can’t talk about Jackie O’ without naming Carmelo. For those who have not yet had the pleasure of going there we will tell you only that the “good giant”, when you see him you will undertand why, he was born as a bouncer and then became the trusted man of Jackie O’. Now it is an integral part of the Iannozzi family. If you need something just ask Carmelo, he’ll take care of it!

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