A few steps from the Ponte della Musica, immersed in the greenery, there is the Circolo degli Agrumi which for the whole summer cheers your evenings from 6.30pm until late at night. The thick vegetation of the Tiber river makes this location very suggestive. Enriched with soft lighting, gazebos, pink flamingos, palms and succulent plants. The Circolo degli Agrumi offers live music and DJ sets throughout the evening.

Good music to listen to while sipping cocktails, tasting excellent wines or trying the delicacies that come from the kitchen. The selected raw materials are of the highest quality ready to satisfy even the most refined palates. The presentation of dishes and cocktails is really sought after. Flowers, leaflets and aromatic herbs color the stems of the glasses and serving dishes. Attention to detail is meticulous, nothing is left to chance. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy aperitifs and dinners and then go wild and dance on the grass.