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Multicolored hair is a trend that has already taken over our hair for a while. We tried all the color combinations, we dared with the most daring colors. However, for this season we will take a small step back and discover the most delicate and soft nuances. In fact the true summer trend is called Light Rainbow a type of coloring that uses pastel shades. This choice is certainly less harmful to hair, which are much less stressed. In this way we will have healthier hair but at the same time super trendy.

We will be able to choose whether to apply the color only on the tips and if we have curly hair it is certainly the preferred option. Or on all the hair with the balayage effect, this technique is the most suitable for those who start from a platinum or very light base. The most discreet will be able to hide the colors between the inner strands. The solutions are endless and adapt to all personalities. All you have to do is choose the colors (soft) you prefer.

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