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The Vun Restaurant is located in Milan in the prestigious Hotel Park Hyatt Milan, in the center, in front of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a stone’s throw from the Teatro Alla Scala and Piazza Duomo. His name, which in Milanese dialect means “one”, was chosen to define a close link with the city and express an ambition for excellence in Milanese gastronomy. To access the restaurant, you can opt for two entrances. Either from the restaurant entrance or from the Park Hyatt lounges. Crossing the latter, you can admire the spectacular lobby with the crystal dome and the huge cascading chandelier.


The new interiors of the Vun Restaurant were designed by the architect Flaviano Capriotti, who created a relaxing environment through warm colors and natural materials. An environment in which the protagonist is food. Furniture, accessories and decorative elements are only tools that accompany visitors on the sensory journey proposed by the restaurant.
The cuisine of the Vun Restaurant is under the guidance of the Neapolitan Executive Chef Andrea Aprea. The dining room’s service, precise, courteous and impeccable, is directed by the Maître Nicola Ultimo. Sommelier Michele D’Emilio takes care of a dynamic and constantly evolving cellar, specialized in Italian wines without forgetting the most prestigious international proposals. The tables are laid out according to the moment’s trend, with ecru “flannel” tablecloths, burgundy napkins and ethnic-style plates and placemats. The “mise en place” includes Salvinelli cutlery and Zwiesel 1878 goblets.


But now let’s move on to the menu. The restaurant, two MICHELIN stars, offers gourmet and sophisticated cuisine in a refined setting. The chef transforms Italian classics in a contemporary way, each infused with locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in dishes such as cod, linguine di Gragnano and red shrimp with poplar mushrooms. But also ravioli with Genoese pork stew, salsify, chocolate and beer or lamb shank, licorice, chestnuts, songino root. To conclude the dinner, treat yourself to a dessert of ice cream, fruit and chocolate mousse.


Color, light, music, design and perfumes, generate an atmosphere of intimate harmony for the 52 seats available in the Vun Restaurant, designed to live an experience of contemporary elegance and luxury. The Vun Restaurant also offers a private room for 10 people, ideal for intimate events and special meetings.
VUN Andrea Aprea
Via Silvio Pellico, 3 – Milano
Telephone: 02 8821 1234
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