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Let’s talk about social networks and new technologies
Until a decade ago the opportunities offered by these innovative fields were, of course, unimaginable.
The digital revolution has not simply allowed people from all over the world to come into contact with each other, but has also created unprecedented and completely non-existent professional figures and opportunities, whose potential has gone far beyond market expectations .
Only ten years ago this would have been absolutely unthinkable!
But in the next ten years, what will happen?
We live in a fluid and constantly changing society.
As all the studies of the sector show, the world of work is constantly evolving. Today, unfortunately, several young people believe that skills and study are no longer indispensable for building a future. It seems that engaging, applying, and education have become superfluous qualities for dealing with the world of work and that of adults in general.
And yet, there are at least two excellent reasons to focus again on the traditional path:
first, achieving success in the reality of social media is not child’s play at all; second, nobody can predict what the world will be like in the next ten years.
Are we really sure, for example, that social media, as we know them today, will still exist? Attracted by the idea of ​​being able to obtain wealth and notoriety without a particular commitment, many young people are investing time and resources in a project that tomorrow could dissolve like a dream.
Starting from this reflection, our team decided to launch a small call for the new generations: “studying is still the best investment“.
Tell us about your study path, the difficulties you are facing, the satisfactions, the dreams, the hopes for tomorrow. Each experience is unique, but sharing it can be a way not only to clarify ideas to ourselves, but to help someone else find their own way. Let’s start with me …

My name is Maria Vittoria Anna Greta Cusumano and I am the founder of the MVC brand: a concept, a magazine, but above all one of the few agencies in Italy specialized in content marketing and customized influencer marketing.
Alongside this path, I have always felt the need to continue my studies. For this reason, after graduating in Law at the Sapienza University of Rome, I decided to attend a master’s degree. I wanted something that would open up new horizons and offer different career opportunities. For this reason I chose the II level Master in Forensic Genetics of the Tor Vergata University of Rome, directed by the well-known forensic geneticist Emiliano Giardina whose competences the investigators turned to for genetic analyzes related to the most important and well-known cases of the judicial chronicle of the last years. The objective of the Master is to train highly qualified professionals in the biological-forensic field, that is, experts in the examination and interpretation of those biological tests (of which the “queen” is the DNA) that can be decisive within a process both civil and criminal. Do you know, in this regard, the cases of crime in Cogne, Perugia, Brembate di Sopra, or Garlasco? These are just some of the cases of murder in recent years in which laboratory analyzes have played a fundamental role.

The Master is open to graduates in Medicine and Biology and, for two years, also to graduates in Law. For us lawyers and future lawyers it is a very powerful tool, because, in addition to the knowledge of the most modern laboratory techniques, it allows us to acquire the skills to correctly assess the technical expertise presented in a process. Do you know the CSI or Dexter TV series? When I’m at the Master, I feel a bit like that.
And if you too have my own ambitions or you are curious to know how this Master is structured click on this link to have all the useful information about it.

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