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Winter is coming and the fashion house Woolrich reopens the icy doors of the experimental showroom in Rome in via del Babuino 54/55.
The opening and inauguration of the first store in Rome took place last year in April and for the occasion there was also an experimental room that allows you to try and test the brand’s very hot garments at -20 °.

Woolrich store in Rome

The Snow Room as it is actually called, was tested for the first time in pioneering spirit in 2017 at the Milan flagship store in Venezia (the first of all Woolrich stores in the world), to later become a global project that included the Rome store and the brand new New York store.
Created from insulated walls and sophisticated equipment that guarantees the maintenance of a polar temperature but with low energy consumption, the Snow Room for the occasion was set up with a particular set up inspired by the icy Pennsylvania, land of origin of the hot brand, and to accompany the icy stay there is the projection of a totally immersive high-impact video.

The snow room inside

A perfect place to try the Artic Parka, the jacket par excellence of the brand, made of Woolrich fabric 60% cotton and 40% nylon, and finished with a special Teflon coating that makes the garment resistant to wind, rain and snow .
A multi-sensory experience at -20 ° and full immersion in a winter atmosphere to test the strength and performance of the brand’s leaders for extreme weather conditions. Taste the feeling!

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