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The boom in beauty tech shows no signs of slowing down, and an innovation in particular is causing a stir in the circles most obsessed with skin care. We are talking about the Lyma laser; the most talked about Instagrammed and tiktokkted at-home device of the moment, which clogs social feeds and rages on the web with enthusiastic testimonials and stellar reviews.

But what exactly is this device? It is the world’s first home laser device for medical use that combines four high-power antibacterial blue LED lights. It has a laser beam capable of regenerating the skin on a cellular level rather than simply touching the surface. The LED acts on the most superficial layers of the skin, killing the bacteria that lead to rashes; The laser travels deeper for long-term results. The treatment is free of sensations and does not involve pain or redness.

The Lyma Laser uses cold laser technology, which makes it different from any other home cosmetic device and 100 times more powerful than LEDs,” explains founder Lucy Goff. “It is a technology born in the medical industry called low-level laser therapy (LLLT). It has been used for decades to treat various medical problems such as cartilage reconstruction and tendon healing. “

But how does the Lyma Laser works?

  • The Lyma laser should be used regularly every day for at least three months and at least 15 minutes daily for each area to be treated. Once you reach three months, you can use it 2-3 times a week for maintenance. You can slide the laser over your face (or wherever you want to use it) with horizontal or vertical movements. Or you can apply it on a single portion of the skin for at least 3 minutes. The effect is gradual and cumulative.
  • To work at best, the laser should be used, after cleaning the area to be treated, with a special mist and a serum provided together with the device. These can be superimposed on the oil or cream of your choice to make the device run better on the skin. The mist and gel are not indispensable, but they enhance the intensity of the laser and speed up the times. The Lyma laser can also be used if tools such as Gua Sha or microcurrent devices are used on the same day.
  • Before starting to use the device, it is recommended to take a photo with realistic light and then another after three months. A way to see progress and appreciate the “before and after.”

Defining whether the Lyma laser will be a good investment for you depends on the commitment you are willing to commit to. Consistency is the key. Over time, you will see how post-acne scars vanish visibly, and imperfections are almost eliminated. The skin appears and feels more fleshy and radiant. It can be used on any body part, including hands, knees, and belly. Or on the arms, to treat the infamous “bat wings”, the relaxation between elbow and armpit. In a nutshell, it is a handyman laser with surprising results.

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