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Some people are naturally predisposed to get more tanned, while others just get slightly darker. We already know that what determines it is the phototype: the natural capacity of the skin to respond to the rays of the sun and produce more or less melanin, a pigment that determines our skin colour. But the phototype also take cares of how long our tan lasts, so how long before our skins completely renovate and get back to our natural skin colour. There are still some tips and tricks that make our tan last longer. Find out more below.

A CORRECT DIET: We suggest a to eat food that has lots of beta-carotene ​that contrast the anti-oxidant action of the UV rays. A natural anti-age that is usually present inside yellow and orange fruit and vegetables, like carrots, peaches, melon, tomatoes, watermelon and cherries. We also recommend foods rich in vitamin C like strawberries, kiwi and citrus fruits, they help the natural defences of the skin by protecting the caterpillars and regulate the production of melanin.

KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED: After the holidays your skin needs more hydration than ever, even if you still applied sunscreen while exposing yourself to the sun. An ideal product contains oils and phospholipids, both capable of repairing the epidermis and keep your skins extra hydrated. Another recommendation is to use a product that hydrate, repairs and soothes the skin. And don’t forget to dring lots of water!

EXFOLIATION: Cremes and oils work even better if you exfoliate your skin before applying those products. Yes, don’t worry, exfoliation doesn’t ruin your tan because melanin is way deeper into the skin so it’s not affected by scrubs and similar products. They help contrast greyish skin and the opacity of the tan.

MAKE-UP: The last step is to strategically apply make-up and self-tanner. For example opt for liquid make-up products, from BB-creams and highlighters to bronzers and blush that uniform your tan and accentuate the intensity. We suggest to apply them to the highest points of your face like cheeks and bridge of the nose and then the contour, like forehead and jawline. Then, relatively new, there are many make-up products for the rest of the body, which usually have a fluid texture, and are used on arms, décolleté and legs. Another good alternative is the use of a self-tanner. Make-up brands offer many options, from mousse to oils. These products give you a beautiful natural looking tan without exposing yourself to the sun.

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