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These are the 5 must-have accessories for any gamer.

For the perfect desk, the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk, which surface is completely covered in microfibre that makes it even cooler or the iTek Gamdes One RGB with its LED RGB lighting (you can choose between different colour modes).

While for the perfect gaming chair is worth checking out the California Gaming Chair di Ak Racing: released as a limited edition in three different colours, Laguna, Tahoe and Napa, it’s a true design piece. While from the same brand the Master Series Pro it’s the best for comfort: covered in breathable leather, has a wider back and a deep seat for keeping you relaxed during your gaming sessions and support your legs better. Among the top of 2020, there are the TTeSports per Comfort Air with its revolutionary cooling system, thanks to the three fans that assure a unique gaming experience.


No one should play without a good computer mouse. To have the best performance while playing PC games, it’s important to choose the right mouse and peripherals, so that you will have the best feeling and play at your best. One of the best products is the SteelSeries Rival 710, some of its characteristics include: 60 million guaranteed clicks, mechanics switch, RGB lighting, and another benefit is that is completely modular, even the sensor, so that excludes the problem of having to constantly change it for any updates. 

Great for playing E-sports is the Razer Viper thanks to its light feeling, the ambidextrous design, and sensitivity up to 16.000 DPI, as well as the personalized options offered by the software Razer Chroma, which will benefit your gaming experience.

The Xtrfy XGP1-L4 is one of the most popular mousepads among the Counter-Strike and E-sports players with the MM300 di CORSAIR extended version.

While keyboard wise, the Razer Huntsman Elite with its switch laser and the Asus ROG Strix Scope, a mechanic full-size keyboard great for the FPS players are a great choice. Another option is the SteelSeries Apex Pro that has a switch OmniPoint, characterized by an adjustable sensitivity, which means is possible to modify every single key.



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