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You’re at dinner or at a party and at one point something about the face of a woman grabs your attention: her skin. “She would look so nice if it only weren’t for that terrible foundation!”, you probably think. And what if somebody has already thought that about us too? Don’t let a wrong or excessive use of foundation ruin your look making you appear like a dust mask, or even worse like a soil mask. Here’s four skin problems that I have experienced and I have learned to solve, always keeping that in mind: your foundation’s brand is fundamental but becomes useless if you made the wrong choice for your skin type..

Problem number one: heat. Is there anything worse than a melted foundation? Maybe only a foundation melted on the collar of your shirt. In spring and summer the trick is to always choose lighter textures. There are some foundations that guarantee a perfect result without a too heavy effect. Makeup Forever has recently launched its Water Blend, with a very delicate waterproof formula that can resist any kind of liquid (even sweat). Another great product is Fresher Skin by Rimmel, if you want to cuddle yourself with a bit of chamomile and aloe vera.

All of these formulas should work even for problem number two: the shiny effect. But in order to defeat it, in my opinion, the best ally is Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion, inspired by the Korean tradition of cushions: guaranteed mat effect, and a great luminosity.

Problem number three: powder. You haven’t understood well what it is yet, have you? Well girls, powder allows you to secure foundation, to reduce the shiny effect and to achieve a marvelous silk-like result. Those of you who have mixed or oily skin shouldn’t exaggerate in summer, though. For a soft and natural finish my choice is Dior again: the Diorskin Nude Airis a compact and “smart” powder that lets your skin breathe (but remember to remove any excess with your brush).

And finally, problem number four: what’s your skin type? If it’s oily, choose a liquid foundation or a mousse: even though you would think the opposite, actually the presence of water makes them much lighter. For dry skins, instead, powder is better (that’s right!) because it contains ingredients that make it more hydrating. Final trick: always keep your foundation in the fridge as it helps to activate  microcirculation. Now you know everything.

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