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The path of Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta is increasingly taking on the definition of a revolutionary, but at the same time, many disputed facts are surrounding his eclecticism. In January, the brand has abandoned the social network. Then there was also renouncing the traditional runway shows in favor of presentations mysterious hidden for months, and has participated in an elite circle of guests.
But now, there is more. A few days ago, the moral watchdog of fashion, Diet Prada, showed the public a series of jewelry products from Bottega Veneta sold at exorbitant prices. This is a beaded necklace woven price 2500€; a crew neckline spiral reminiscent of the wire to a telephone, fee 1500€; and a pendant with macramé from 980€. What do they have in common, all these products? They are very similar to jewelry pieces more economical, readily available on eBay or Amazon for less than 20€.
You will say: “But the materials are valuable”. And reading the composition of the products could look so. The beaded necklace is made from resin and sterling silver braided with a simple thread in the fabric; the necklace spiral is made from 60% silver and 40% resin; and finally, there is 30% of silver in the last necklace with pendant stone.


There is only one problem: the current price of sterling silver ranges between 48 and 53 cents per gram. A pound of pure silver, 925 sterling costs in total about 48€. How much resin is in the price range between 6 and 10 cents per bead, depending on the quality. The necklace macramé is also composed of jasper and cubic zirconia: the first cost between 5€ and 15€ per carat. The cubic zirconia, a gem that mimics the diamonds, can get to cost up to 90€ per carat in the most extreme cases, while between 15€ and 40€ for the gems of average quality. 
But this is not the first time that Bottega Veneta’s jewels end up at the center of a brawl. The pendants in the stone enclosed in a tissue network that appeared in the Resort collection, 2021 of the brand were accused of plagiarism only a few months ago. Last August, the student of London’s Central Saint Martins, Niccolò Pasqualetti shared how Bottega Veneta had first asked for the portfolio of his jewelry collection in macramé during an interview, for which ended later in anything. Sin, that shortly after his jewelry only appeared in the Resort collection, 2021. Diet Prada, which denounced the episode last August 11. He also stressed these jewels’ similarities, even with a collection Elsa Peretti for Tiffany in the ’70s.


But this is not the only case where the name of a brand that has been placed on a cape questionable. How to forget about the world-famous jeans and overalls soiled with grass, signed Gucci. The model denim, five pockets, had a €680, while the overall price of €980. But it does not end here. Always the brand’s provocative Alessandro Michele, to October 2020 if he was out with another accessory questionable. The stockings torn presented on the occasion collection the winter of 2020/21. Surprisingly, it will be sold out. Surprised, yes, because in the end, even if they are signed Gucci, it was still a pair of tights smagliati at the price of € 140 (165 USD).
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