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There are some companies that, other than being simple brands, are actual fashion parlours, precious corners of beauty that can provide shelter and offer an alternative to the chaotic world of trends and to the huge metropolis full of mega-stores. Among these brands we can find De Carlis.

The boutique was born in 1972 in one of the most elegant and quiet streets of Campo Marzio, via Vittoria, a little piece of Heaven just a few steps away from Piazza di Spagna. Those who walk by this street, already know what they’re looking for. Me, I look for them: the classic and yet informal attitude of the owners and the quality and freshness of their products that, altogether, make this brand absolutely unique.

Since more than 40 years ago, De Carlis has been providing furs to the most influential women, not only of Rome but of the world. Once its iconic pieces were voluminous furs of well-known quality, but the brand has by now evolved towards modern and interesting trends in the world of furs. Thus, they offer super light furs, coming from farmed animals, with a modern design and comfortable lines, either smooth ones or herring-bone ones.

Maria Vittoria Cusumano - de carlis furs e scarpe yeezy

Moreover all the pieces are incredibly original, thanks to the combination of different kinds of leather, thanks to the experimentation in mixing light and heavy elements and thanks to great matches of colours. Of course, we’re not only talking about furs, but also about coats, trenches and wonderful jackets enriched with fur elements.

One of my favourite pieces at the moment is a denim jacket internally coated with a cyclamen pink mink fur. You can find it in yellow too, or in the fuchsia or golden sable fur version. Just a great piece, that can be worn both during the daytime and at night and that perfectly represents the glamorous and casual chic evolution of the brand.

As a matter of fact, nowadays, a fur is not anymore an extra-luxurious clothing piece but it is more of an accessory. We’re talking about a playful and experimental element that embellish your look without making it heavier. This is the case of outerwear pieces to be worn over your coat or of the wonderful cachemire-padded down lined by fur, obviously revertible, in order to suit both good and bad weather, light and cosy, in fox, beaver or mink fur. And then, of course, hairy hats, super soft blankets, wonderful bags in red, pink or light blue fox fur. The boutique offers anything a woman could wish for.

I believe that De Carlis‘ magic is due to several factors: its fabrication techniques, its “printing”, its colours, that follow trends and even set them, and its ability to turn a luxurious fabric into a metropolitan piece, that can be worn both during the day and at night. We can almost say that fur is the new cachemire: a precious and yet informal fabric, coloured in blue, green, and fuchsia, which never looses the luxurious and timeless charm of a natural fabric.

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