Chi è Chadia Rodriguez? Palle che fumano.

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First of all, to confirm the dominating masculinity in the Rap – Trap world, we begin by saying that it is seen as an uninhibited pussy that uses its androgynous figure without any shame or remorse. Secondly, and here we become serious, Chadia Rodriguez class of ’98 is one of the strongest trappers on the Italian scene.

Chadia Rodriguez was born in Turin but soon moved to Milan and started working, after being noticed by Big Fish and Jake the Furia (one of the big – in all senses – of the old school Hip Hop scene), under their record company. Chadia Rodriquez’s first single is called Dale and allows her to climb the Rap and Trap Italian charts. Thanks to this song, it is noted by Sony Music Italy that it will produce the following singles. The song is a kind of presentation and thanks to its lack of filters we discover that the girl “has more ass than she wants to do”. If you missed it, here’s the video with the text:


After the success of 3 million views on Youtube the next single “Fumo Bianco” exceeds one million Plays on Spotify and Youtube and the single Bitch 2.0 has reached 12 million views on Youtube.

The last single released is called Sister (Pastiglie) and is inspired by one of the most famous and contested groups of the 90s, the “Prozac +” (those of, Acid, Acid, Acid, Acid). Chadia Rodriguez does not disguise the abuse of legal and illegal drugs and it is the representations of a modern youth that gets stuck without thinking about damage or the future. In 2019 Chadia unites all the various singles in a complete project, his first EP entitled “Avere ventanno”. The record consecrates her as one of the top Italian trappers and rappers often in conflict with the other panthers of the Italian scene.

Noteworthy is the tense relationship with Beba. The two have dissolved and to the sound of stinging rhymes as in the most classic rap battle. Here is the complete video.

Who do you think won?

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