The (re)collection: Diesel and Coca Cola for the environment

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“This is the best way to enjoy a bottle of Coke. But it is not the only one ». Thus began the video of the Diesel advertising campaign linked to the launch of its new collection.
The brand decided to join forces with another colossal brand, Coca Cola, for a capsule collection nicknamed The (re) collection. A line that includes 12 pieces and was presented on September 27th with a special event at the Lafayette Gallery in Paris. The Paris launch event will then follow around the world, including London, Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Amsterdam, New York and many others. The communication campaign is instead managed by Publicis Italia.

The collection is the result of two brands’ commitment to sustainability, as the pieces are made with recycled fabrics and materials, including fabrics derived from Coca-Cola bottles in Pet. Specifically we have 12 items without season. Urban garments enriched by the logos of both brands but also swimsuits for both sexes. The denim pieces are made with 38% of fabrics from recycled post-consumer pet bottles, while the sweatshirts are made with 52% recycled pre-consumer cotton and 48% of post-consumer recycled pet, equivalent to nine Coca-Cola plastic bottles. The new collection combines the DNA of Coca Cola and Diesel to create a unique and special product: Coca Cola celebrates incisiveness and Diesel, with its unconventional style, stimulates its audience with audacity and irony. Together they have created an Iconic line!

Renzo Rosso, founder of DIESEL, said: "As a leader in denim and casual fashion, DIESEL has always been recognized in the industry as an innovator. The (Re) Collection is a collaboration between two authentic and iconic brands, they are both engaged in a more responsible business. Inspired by our vision of the future, we are collaborating with Coca-Cola to explore new methods of creating fabrics, challenging us to incorporate recycled materials into our collections ".

The collection is available for a limited period of time starting on September 27th and can be purchased simply by scanning any recycling logo around the world.

The recycling logo to scanner

This will give access to an exclusive site on to purchase the collection before its official relaunch in stores around the world that will take place on October 7th. Anyone wishing to purchase in advance must visit and follow the instructions.

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