athleisure, la nuova tendenza delle Celebrity


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It has no equals as regards street style in menswear, it offers many different outfits and it is the new passion of luxury brands: athleisure – the word is a mix of athletic e leisure – combines sportswear with casual chic clothing.

It is the coolest trend right now.

athleisure - la nuova tendenza delle celebrity

Here’s a couple of tips to wear it in the right way. Athleisure is a fusion of 70’s-90’s inspired sportswear and formal pieces of clothing and it is the perfect embodiment for a dynamic and glamorous lifestyle.

According to fashion experts, everything began thanks to women wearing sporty clothes even outside the gym. Therefore athleisure ended up representing the cliché of a mum wearing sweatpants to pick up children from school, a teenager wearing leggings instead of jeans, and women wearing elegant cache-mire or velvet jumpsuits on planes.

Now luxurious brands (such as Gucci, Kenzo, Giamba, Stella McCartney), emerging designers like Off White and historic sporty brands (such as Fila, K-Way or Robe di Kappa) are following this trend with original ideas and shapes.

Nowadays, pairing leggings with a Louis Vuitton’s mini bag is extremely cool, thanks to celebrities and models who always more often choose athleisure on many different occasions: to have shopping, but also for a night out. Kim Kardashian is the absolute athleisure queen: in order to understand this trend you just need to imitate her. Her secret is combination: simply pair leggings with an oversize jacket, like a bomber jacket, a down jacket or even a

maxi hoodie. The choice about shoes is a bit more difficult: for her athleisure outfits Emily Ratajkowski prefers sneakers, and she’s always on point. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian just can’t help but wearing high heels.

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