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Green cosmetics, natural colours, contouring, customized skincare, and then flowers, bows and hair accessories: here are all the beauty trends to remember for the year that has just begun. Cosmetics are becoming sustainable and ecological, this is no news, but more than ever next year, according to some reports published by specialized agencies, women will be buying natural products, not aggressive for their skin. The green business, by now, is worthy more than 45,8 millions of dollars and represents one the most important skincare and make-up macro trends. Make up products will be organic and will celebrate the colours and properties of nature, almost asking for a return to authenticity, in this world made of surgery and Instagram filters. New must-have: the monochromatic eye shed in colours reminding of sunsets, forests, desert. The main colours will be sand, copper, terracotta and chocolate, to mix with the smokey eyes we admired on Max Mara, Tom Ford and Antonio Marras’ catwalks. Jacquemus and Bylos launched forest green and emerald, both in powder and kajal: these hues will enhance your look and give it the colour of hope.

Among make up trends, contouring, launched by Kim Kardashian, is still number one: recreating the proportions and the lines of your face using lights and shadows, even if exaggerated ones, is a must for any event. It sounds difficult, but on the internet you can find thousands of tutorials that can help you learn this make up art. But for a perfect make up, we need a perfect skin: this is why next year skincare will hold a huge role (last year anti-age products broke the record of 190 billions of sales in one year). Keep an eye on formulas that contains ingredients capable of stimulation cell processes and probiotics that can protect sensitive skin. We had already discussed antipollution skincare, and we want to remind you of its importance: a skincare that can protect you from urban pollution and from the digital ageing caused by the light of computers. Finally, hair must follow just one rule: personalization. Scarves and fake (or real, why not?) flowers, but even velvet bows, headbands, rope, leather scrunchies: all you need is a pony tail or a simple braid to create an original and trendy look. The aim is to stand out.

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